BMW #NEXTGen 2020 – Deep Dive Virtual Collaboration

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

What does gaming sensation Fortnite have to do with the BMW iX? It’s a question that might leave even BMW connoisseurs and gaming experts with a blank look on their faces. And yet the most successful computer game of recent years – it recorded 350 million players in May 2020 – and the BMW Group’s new technology flagship do indeed share common ground: they used Unreal Engine from Epic Games in their development. What may sound astonishing at first is, on closer inspection, actually quite logical. After all, with the BMW iX embodying the dawn of a new age in driving pleasure, a radical change in thinking was needed in the development process. Existing engineering tools were no longer fit for purpose given the car’s complex specification brief. Added to which, BMW had set itself the goal of elevating the functionality and user experience the BMW iX offers its customers to unprecedented levels.


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