MINI Electric celebrates the 80th anniversary of the superhero The Flash during Lucca Changes 2020

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

MINI celebrates the superhero "The Flash" during Lucca Changes 2020, the new edition of the international fair dedicated to comics, gaming, animation and fantasy, taking place from October 29 to November 1st with a rich cultural programme only available online. “The Flash” is a superhero who, just like MINI, has a long successful story. A character that has been modernised and transformed, whose unmistakable traits have been renewed but always remaining faithful to its DNA. “The Flash” main characteristic is the super speed, faster than the speed of light, and this year we celebrate 80 years since his first appearance in the United States back in 1940 on the Flash Comics issue. The DC superhero magically and quickly appears on the new MINI Electric: two true icons of style, design and - without any doubt - speed that come together at Lucca Changes to tell the story of a car that collects many of the peculiarities of the DC Comics hero: full electric, no noise, highly performant and truly powerful.


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