The Honda CR-V - Highly efficient and direct hybrid drive

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

With the e:HEV emblem, the Honda CR-V underlines its membership in the e:TECHNOLOGY family, which also includes the two models Jazz e:HEV and Honda e launched this year. They are part of the manufacturer's initiative to electrify all volume models offered in Europe by 2022. As a sign of the low emission level, the CR-V features a blue outlined Honda logo in addition to the new e:HEV lettering. The hybrid technology of the CR-V e:HEV, which was introduced last year, is characterized by high efficiency and direct response. The system consists of two electric motors, a gasoline engine operating in the Atkinson cycle, an innovative direct drive system and three intelligent driving modes that offer maximum efficiency and drive culture under real driving conditions.


honda crv ehev

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