The BMW iX - Expressive, vertical kidney as an intelligence surface

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The expressive, vertically oriented BMW kidney is at the center of the vehicle front. Since the electric drive of the BMW iX requires only a small supply of cooling air, the BMW kidney is completely closed. Instead, it assumes the digital function of an intelligence surface. Camera technology, radar functions and other sensor technology are seamlessly integrated into the BMW kidney and are located behind a transparent surface. The BMW iX kidney, developed and produced at the BMW Group's Lightweight Design and Technology Center (LTC) in Landshut, Germany, is the symbol of intelligent mobility, designed with a high level of technological effort. It assumes the role of an innovative and multifunctional high-tech design for advanced driver assistance systems, with which the BMW iX paves the way to automated driving.


bmw of kidney

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