Merging car and smartphone - Volkswagen Touareg now parks in and out remotely

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The basis of the new system is provided by the "Park Assist" parking assistant, which Volkswagen continues to offer for the Touareg. "Park Assist" enables semi-automatic parking; the car also parks semi-automatically from longitudinal parking spaces (parallel to the road). The SUV takes over the steering; the driver operates the gas/e-pedal and the brake. This is completely new: Now Volkswagen is going a decisive step further, as the new "Park Assist Plus with remote control" is the first to operate fully automatically - i.e. it also controls the engine and brakes. The new system offers two modes of operation: in the first mode, the driver remains seated in the car and operates the system from there; in the second mode, he gets out of the Touareg and controls the parking process via his smartphone. In both cases, the SUV automatically parks forwards or backwards in and out. And it does so in parking spaces of any kind.


parking of car

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