The new BMW R 18 - Iconic style of bygone days skilfully staged with modern technology and authentic materials

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The new R 18 is the modern interpretation of a cruiser that continues the BMW Motorrad tradition, confidently picks up the iconic style of bygone days and skilfully transfers it to the present day. From the overall impression to the smallest detail, a purist design lives on, shaped by classics from the BMW R 5. The typical proportions with sloping lines as well as the clear and reduced design language, combined with functional and style-defining elements such as the double loop frame, open-running cardan shaft or black paint with double lines (optional ex works) are not by chance reminiscent of the legendary boxers of the early years. And the heart is at the center: the Boxer engine. Unmistakably BMW, a homage to classic engine construction, a sculpture in metal. The classic bodywork of the R 18 is also made of metal - just as befits an authentic cruiser. Accordingly, the 16-liter fuel tank in its drop shape derived from the R 5, the front and rear fenders, the side panels under the seat, the fork sleeves, and the housings of the headlights and round instrument are made of sheet steel. These circumferences, also known as the "paint set", shape the character and overall appearance of the new R 18, as does the monumental boxer engine. The deliberate design of the bodywork as individual components reinforces the classic look while leaving room for conversion, customizing and modification.


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