New Fiat 500e Infotainment System

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Creativity, beauty and substance alone are not enough for a paradigm shift. All of the car’s surroundings, the way everything interacts, are also important. The FCA team has therefore constructed around the New 500 project a veritable system of physical and digital services and solutions to facilitate zero-emissions driving to the greatest extent possible. This was the spirit that resulted in the creation of a network alongside the New 500, in conjunction with our outstanding partners, to enrich and simplify electric mobility, and to make it more enjoyable. From the easyWallbox – the plug-and-play home charging solution developed exclusively by ENGIE Eps, via the ‘My Easy Charge’ apps (developed by Digital Solutions) so you can find a charging point anywhere in Europe, to a single card for charging and payment, valid throughout Europe at almost 200,000 charging stations. In terms of insurance, Assicurazioni Generali provide customized solutions based on driving style and actual use of the vehicle. And those who have concerns about switching to the New 500 electric have at their fingertips Fiat GOe LIVE, the free app on iOS and Android platforms to simulate the use of a 500e. The simulation highlights the potential economic and environmental benefits of using the New 500 rather than the customer's current car. The app also provides useful information on the e-Mobility experience, can locate charging stations throughout Europe and lets you book the New 500 online.


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