The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class - The suspension systems- handier and more dynamic with rear axle steering

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The suspension systems: handier and more dynamic with rear axle steering Innovative suspension systems provide an impressive driving experience in the new S-Class. Rear axle steering (optional extra) with a steering angle of up to 10° increases the car's manageability in the city to the level of a compact car. The turning circle of the S-Class is reduced by up to two meters with rear axle steering. The optional fully active 48 V-based E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL chassis offers a unique synthesis of comfort and agility and also provides additional protection in the event of a side crash. The AIRMATIC air suspension with ADS+ continuous adjustment damping is standard. Close networking of all suspension and control systems ensures maximum stability and safety. Mercedes-Benz is now reinforcing measures in the pre-crash phase with a new PRE-SAFE® Impuls Seite function: in the event of an impending side impact, the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL chassis can raise the body by up to 80 millimetres within a few tenths of a second. The result is a reduction in the load on the door structures, as the sill can take over a larger part of the load introduction due to the raised position. As a result, the deformation of the passenger cell and the resulting stress on the occupants can be reduced. Radar sensors are used to detect a potential side crash.


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