30 years of Renault Clio

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Anniversary for Europe's bestseller: 30 years ago the Renault Clio followed in the footsteps of the Renault 5, the beginning of a real success story. The eponym for the small car comes from Greek mythology: Clio, in German "die Rühmende", is the muse of historiography. With over 15 million units produced in all model generations, the Clio is considered the best-selling French automobile of all time and repeatedly makes it the best-selling passenger car model in Europe. Among other things, in June 2020 it advanced to the clear European number one with 37,119 new registrations. The little Frenchman was also voted "Car of the Year" twice - in 1991 and 2006. Renault initially markets the Clio not simply as the direct successor to the legendary "five-seater", but initially produces both models in parallel. With equipment features from higher segments, the Clio is aimed at a growing group of buyers who want more comfort and versatility, but appreciate the compact format of the Renault 5. To meet the higher demands, the Clio is equipped with air conditioning, power steering and electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors. It is not only customers who like this concept: barely on the market, the Clio, available in three and five-door versions, is voted "Car of the Year 1991" by the trade press.


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